Dr. Cindy Lustig

Editor’s Perspective Talk (for current trainees only): “Getting your paper published …. or at least giving it a fighting a chance”

Featured Talk: “How do we (and our brains) respond to challenging situations?” 

Videos of the retreat

Trainee Flash Talks 

Judy Kwak (predoctoral trainee; mentor: Dr. Tammy English 
“Personality and Extrinsic Emotion Regulation Across the Lifespan: An Examination of Couples in Daily Life” 
Hannah Maybrier (predoctoral trainee; mentor: Dr. Denise Head 
“Age-Related Changes in Sleep and Memory Consolidation of a Cognitive Map” 
Maverick Smith (postdoctoral trainee; mentors: Dr. Jeff Zacks, Dr. Zach Reagh) 
“Attention to event segmentation improves event memory in older adults” 
Matt Picchiello (predoctoral trainee; mentor: Dr. Brian Carpenter) 
“Older Adults Search Strategies for Finding Dementia Information Online” 
Matt Welhaf (postdoctoral trainee; mentors: Dr. Jason Hassenstab, Dr. Julie Bugg) 
“Naturalistic assessment of fluctuations in reaction time in older adults at risk for Alzheimer disease”