Welcome to the NIH Aging and Development Training Grant program.

*We are currently recruiting for a postdoctoral fellow position 

The Aging and Development (A&D) program at Washington University has been funded by the NIA T32 grant program since 1976. The purpose of our program is to train psychologists at the pre- and postdoctoral levels to address the clear need for a better understanding of the wide-ranging changes that accompany older adulthood.

Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars will be exposed to a breadth of research in aging, along with the more research-focused work within a given laboratory. We focus on four interrelated themes that run across the training program: cognitive changes in aging, cognitive neuroscience of aging, cognitive neuroscience of aging, personality and socio-emotional aging, translational impact.

Throughout the training, both graduate students and post-doctoral scholars will attend the weekly A&D brownbag and an annual retreat as well as enroll in the Project Building in Aging & Development course. The Training Program also provides training opportunities specific to graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.